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The issues a retailer must always keep in mind when locating new space are street visibility, the demographics of the surrounding area, and most importantly, the location. Satisfying these objectives while staying within the retailer’s budget is a daunting task. CRES can help locate the perfect retail space based on your unique requirements.


The greatest opportunities to maximize long-term cost savings are achieved during the Strategic Planning Phase of the real estate process. CRES tailors each implementation program to fit our client's needs, consistently saving retail clients an average of 20 - 30% or more in overall real estate costs.

Working in partnership with key members of your team, CRES will:

  • Determine cost and business objectives (short- and long-term)
  • Analyze demographics in target market area
  • Analyze significant timing issues
  • Understand and consider special requirements
  • Forecast revenue, headcount and space demands
  • Recommend space utilization standards
  • Analyze existing lease issues such as:
    • Early departure default provisions
    • Holdover procedures and cost
    • Sublease and assignment rights
    • Restoration exposure

These services ensure that CRES can deliver the results you want and the flexibility you need.


CRES can save you hundreds of man-hours for redeployment into your core business. Through effective leasing transactions, CRES can help you reduce operating and occupancy expenses, establish a competitive advantage, and gain necessary flexibility. Our team will structure a lease that's built around your business plan, manage your costs, and negotiate intensively on your behalf to ensure an ideal outcome for your organization. Whether you are expanding, relocating, consolidating, or looking to renew / restructure existing leases, CRES can help you make the most of your real estate choices.


Landlords usually view companies with renewable leases as "captive tenants." They make their highest profit margins from lease renewals. In an independent landlord study, tenants without representation paid an average of 17% more on their renewals than tenants with representation.

With proper oversight, early renewals and lease restructures can serve as great cost-savings vehicles. In fact, nearly one-half of our retail clients engage CRES for our experience and expertise in this area alone.


Advance planning offers the greatest success in disposing of surplus space that reduces your financial risk by an average of 70%.

For many retail companies, changes in business operations and / or economic landscape can result in surplus space. CRES can help you successfully dispose of that space and achieve maximum recovery with minimal disruptions.

Our record of success is built on years of experience, knowledge, and creative strategies combined with technology that simplify and expedite the planning process. CRES can also help you plan future space needs by anticipating and eliminating any potential surplus risks.


Real estate investment entails risk because it does not lend itself easily to liquidity, valuation, or conversion. Although real estate is a commodity, it has a unique location, finite size, and specific features and benefits. A real estate's value can also vary, depending on factors beyond the control of the owner. Together these factors pose the greatest risk to the investor.

How does a prudent investor make smart real estate investment decisions? By managing risk. Through careful, detailed analysis of prospective properties in terms of their size, shape, current market characteristics, and other anticipated long-term factors, CRES provides our clients with a balanced assessment of their proposed acquisitions.

Our experience in the Austin market provides a reliable, historical framework on which to base future projections. Not surprisingly, both land use and real estate investment follow consistent long-term patterns. CRES' success is based on our ability to recognize these patterns and evaluate their effect on a specific property to the benefit of our clients.

"As an attorney who is Board Certified in Commecial Real Estate Law, I have worked with many different real estate professionals during the past 27 years. In my opinion, CRES exemplifies the type of competence, professionalism, and creativity that I strive for in my own practice."

-Jim Cameron, Partner
Strasburger & Price, LLP

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