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Services - Project Consulting/Development


Our business is managing the tenant finish-out and / or development of new facilities for our clients. We control the inherent risk associated with the construction process, lower project costs an average of 5 - 10%, and save approximately 20 - 30 hours per week of client time in the process. We provide a seamless, integrated management solution for our clients, from negotiating work letters to design, development, cost analysis, project consulting, IT solutions and move coordination through a single point of contact.


Construction is a large, multi-billion dollar industry that can be both confusing and costly to navigate for businesses planning to lease, remodel, or construct new facilities. Lax building standards, limited controls, complacency, and uninformed spending can add additional, oftentimes unnecessary costs to a project.

Commercial Real Estate Solutions - Project Consulting(CRES - PC) has developed a Process that tightens standards, promotes educated spending, and encourages speedy results. This Process keeps our clients informed and provides substantial savings in overall construction costs.


  • CRES - PC's sole function is to manage the construction process for each client. CRES - PC serves as the client's professional advocate and always strives for efficiency, economy, and quality construction.
  • CRES - PC's goal is to produce the best value for the client's investment in as short a period as is practical.
  • CRES - PC assists each client in planning for and bidding construction costs. Our approach clarifies any ambiguities, informs contractors of what is expected, and eliminates padding budgets to cover unexpected construction costs.
  • We maintain files on hundreds of architects and general contractors, and constantly review and qualify new professionals. Our knowledge of the construction industry, who the key players are, and which building materials may be problematic, enables us to motivate and create competition among contractors.
  • CRES - PC has been involved in more than 90 projects in Austin in the past 12 months, representing more than $16 million in construction contracts. This represents more than the annual tenant construction of most building projects and a larger, annual volume than most general contractors. This level of activity gives CRES - PC significant negotiating leverage and motivates contractors to achieve "at or below" market pricing.
  • CRES - PC's clients benefit from having construction industry professionals on their staff during their transactions. The CRES - PC Team helps them make informed decisions and saves them hours of personal involvement and thousands of dollars in construction costs. Because CRES - PC specializes in design team management and construction cost control, our process and performance record are unmatched in Central Texas.



1. Work with Client to define roles, responsibilities, and project procedures;
schedule requirements and establish lines of communication and methods of
2. Establish reporting formats.
3. Review information pertaining to the project and organization.
4. Identify any potential constraints on the development process.
5. Tour and become familiar with current facilities, including perceived positives
and negatives.
6. Understand Client's qualitative and functional expectations.

Success Story: Texas Family Protective Services was in immediate need of a large, standby generator that could not be acquired in the time required through the state procurement process. CRES - PC located in Miami, Florida, the only new generator system in the country that fit the client's needs, procured the generator for the agency, and had it delivered and installed in time for occupancy.


1. Establish preliminary project schedule.
2. Prepare conceptual development budget.
3. Construct budget-tracking model in format consistent with Client's
reporting requirements.
4. Interface with government authorities having jurisdiction and local utilities.

Success Story: CRES - PC provided a cost analysis of new construction versus purchase of an existing building for Texas County and District Attorney Association that resulted in a cost savings of more than $1 million for TDCAA.


1. Identify local or national architectural firms that have the resources to achieve
2. Secure detailed firm and team member qualification information.
3. Prepare executive summary of qualifications.
4. Establish with Client the selection criteria for evaluation of firms to be
5. Conduct preliminary interviews / office tours of selected firms.
6. Draft comprehensive Request for Proposals for architectural services and
distribute to qualified firms.
7. Review and analyze architectural proposals and prepare an executive summary.
8. Orchestrate formal interviews of finalist firms with Client management.
9. Provide a recommendation as to the most appropriate architectural firm for the
10.Negotiate and document the architectural contract.
11.Conduct evaluation / selection processes for all other required consultants.
12.Update project budget and schedule.

Success Story: CRES - PC delivered within two weeks all required due diligence documents, including a Phase One Environmental Survey, Engineer Analysis, and Building Condition Reports, to assist Texas Casa and CAC Texas in a Real Property purchase closing that met "prior to year end" closing requirements of a substantial donor.


1. Identify environmental, civil, and geotechnical consultants to evaluate prospective
land acquisition.
2. Secure proposals from consultants for appropriate scope of services at a
competitive fee.
3. Coordinate the due diligence process.
4. Secure sitework cost estimates.
5. Interface with government authorities having jurisdiction and with local utilities.
6. Update project budget and schedule.

Success Story: CRES - PC successfully identified and secured cost reimbursements in the amount of $175,000 due Covenant Management Systems from the Landlord for costs proven to be Landlord-related expenditures.


1. Participate in regular design and production review meetings.
2. Manage the design team to assure compliance with Client's goals and
3. Lead the ongoing value engineering process, identifying opportunities for
savings in time or money.

Success Story: CRES - PC assembled a TEAM of architects, engineers, and general contractors to successfully complete the finish-out of 104,000 square feet of office space for Texas Family Protective Services in less than 75 days and below the Owner's budget.


1. Determine the most effective project delivery and contractor selection method for
the project.
2. Identify appropriate general contractors and draft and deliver Request for
3. Thoroughly pre-qualify prospective contractors.
4. Assist in preparation of bid package(s) and / or in a negotiated selection
5. Conduct pre-bid conference.
6. Analyze bids and qualifications; prepare summary and recommendations.
7. Negotiate and document the Contract for Construction.

Success Story: CRES - PC helped South Shore Mortgage Traders negotiate a lease work letter to gain three additional months of free rent during the construction period and to allow open bidding for their improvements, saving the client more than $65,000 in construction costs and rent.


1. Coordinate as necessary with Client's lender(s) to meet reporting requirements.
2. Chair weekly job meeting for progress and budget updates.
3. Prepare written progress, status, and cost reports.
4. Review change orders and provide recommendation for approval or adjustment.
5. Maintain project budget and comparison with expenditures to date.
6. Perform regular job observations and resolve field problems and disputes.
7. Review all project invoices.
8. Assist in determining date of Substantial Completion and developing punch list.
9. Secure close-out documents from general contractor.
10. Secure necessary documentation from architect and contractor to ensure
Client's accountant's and / or attorney's audit requirements are met.
11. Coordinate start-up and orientation demonstrations with maintenance
12. Conduct post occupancy evaluation with architect.

"As an attorney who is Board Certified in Commecial Real Estate Law, I have worked with many different real estate professionals during the past 27 years. In my opinion, CRES exemplifies the type of competence, professionalism, and creativity that I strive for in my own practice."

-Jim Cameron, Partner
Strasburger & Price, LLP

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